For Sale - Rodzilla T Rex rest

Rodzilla T Rex $3500

At 17.4 kgs in the case these do not bounce around when shooting. Originally imported 2 years ago at a great cost and a great wait. I have personally been using it for Benchrest shooting off concrete benches. It's in fantastic condition and over time I have added onto the rest to make it even better. It also comes with screw in rubber-based feet for bench shooting as well as pointed feet for ground shooting. It's been fitted with a speed shooting block which houses your rounds. There are two of these, one for PPC sized cases and another for 308 base cases. Also, I have fitted a 3" Farley styled Edgewood bag. These do not come as standard. If you shoot a smaller stock, you can simply purchase whatever bag you need.

One of the major advantages to the Rodzilla is the ability to be able to customise the rest. On the Rodzilla website, there are a lot of additional parts that can be brought to customise the rest to you.

For further information:

Grab yourself a bargain. Selling below cost! Current price on a Rodzilla is $1995 USD, Plus 165USD for a case. Plus, Edgewood bag, $232.50 freight (2 years ago) all plus GST at the border.


Steve -
021 597 577

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