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NZ Under 25 Rifle Team in Action
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The Brothers Ballinger William and Arthur
Ross Geange NZ Rifle Champion 2015

Welcome to the NRA NZ

Welcome to the official site for the National Rifle Association of NZ (Inc). You can read information about its organisation, constitution and shooting rules. The site also provides links to member clubs, coming events, news items and results.

Who is this site for?

This site is aimed at:

  • new shooters who want to try target rifle shooting
  • existing members who can get up to date information
  • our member clubs and associations as a way of helping attract new members
  • media and others who are interested in our position on gun-related matters

We hope you find the site useful and easy to use - we always welcome feedback.

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Latest News

Members Up-Date Autumn 2015.


Great article by Ben Strang of the Waikato Times


I big thank you to Chris and Ross for producing an updated grading list.



New Zealand Ladies Team June 2015