Call for Nominations - NZ vs Australia F Class Match Jan 2015

The National Rifle Associations of New Zealand and Australia has reached agreement re the arrangements to schedule and conduct an International F Class Teams Match; New Zealand vs Australia, Monday 12 January 2015.  This match will consist of FTR and F Open competition.   As this match is scheduled early in the week of the 2015 NZ National Championship the programme will be amended to allow practice for the two international teams in conjunction with the Wellington Assn Prize Meeting program.  Practice targets will be made available alongside the WRA event for the 800 & 900yd matches and then at the 1000yd firing point at the conclusion of the WRA event.

Monday 12 Jan 2015 – Match Day

There will be two F Class Teams Matches.  Both held in conjunction with Target Rifle teams matches scheduled for the same day.
Match 1 - 15 Shots at 800/900/1000yds.
Match 2 - 15 Shots at 1000yds.
Match 3 - The Aggregate of matches 1 & 2.

Match 1  will be held alongside the scheduled Target Rifle Teams match.  Match 2 will commence after the completion of the scheduled Target Rifle Teams match.

Monday Evening – Presentation Dinner.

Match Conditions

  • Both the FTR and F Open Teams will shoot as separate disciplines and as separate teams.
  • Teams are to consist of 5 shooters.
  • Teams will consist of a minimum of 5 five members and may have a maximum of 8 members.
  • The eight members may consist of 6 shooting members, Captain and Coach.  All members may fill any of the position in the team.  A Manager may be appointed who may be one of 8 team members or may be a separate person.
  • Different members may be chosen for either of the two teams matches.


Both matches will be shot on the standard ICFRA long range target.  For both disciplines (FTR & F Open) a central bull will count as 6 points. A Super V will be used.

Call for Nominations

Team nominations are now called to fill the positions for both disciplines, FTR & F Open, as follows:

  • Shooters,
  • Coaches,
  • Team Captains and
  • Team Managers.

Nominations are to be forwarded via email to the secretary NRANZ with a courtesy copy forwarded to the convenor of the New Zealand Selection panel. Nominations are to include a brief outline of team shooting experience, your preferred F Class discipline, a brief description of the optics, rifle, calibre and ammunition you will bring to the match.  Your ability to configure your shooting equipment to be able to switch and comply with the rules and conditions of either F Open and FTR.

Nominations Close – Tuesday 30 September 2015


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