National Rifle Association of New Zealand



Last Revised 14 January 2010.

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The name of the Society will be; “The National Rifle Association Of New Zealand Incorporated”. In these rules it will be referred to as; ‘the Association’.


The Objects of the Association shall be:

2.1 To coordinate and regulate the activities of full bore rifle clubs and rifle associations throughout New Zealand whose members are affiliated to the Association.

2.2 To encourage and promote competitive full bore target rifle shooting throughout New Zealand.

2.3 To promote safety, responsibility and proficiency in the care and handling of firearms.

2.4 To conduct and promote national and international competition.

2.5 To represent full bore rifle shooting to all national and international organisations and bodies which have or may have an influence on the administration, finance or legal standing of full bore target rifle shooting or the conduct of competitions in which full bore target rifle shooters participate.


The Powers of the Association shall be:

3.1 Make, alter or rescind rules within the Constitution of the Association by resolution in General Meeting.

3.2 Make, alter or rescind shooting rules and regulations, by-laws and operating procedures of the Association.

3.3 Make, amend and implement annual management plans.

3.4 Apply funds to purposes in accordance with the Objects and powers of the Association through the adoption of an annual operating budget.

3.5 Purchase, lease hire or otherwise acquire real or personal property and any rights or privileges which the Association may think necessary and convenient for the purpose of these objects.

3.6 Sell, lease, exchange or otherwise dispose of any property or interest in any property, rights concessions or privileges belonging to the Association for such consideration or upon such terms as the Association may think fit.

3.7 Construct, maintain, alter pull down, remove or replace any building or works which the Association considers likely to advance the Association’s interests directly or indirectly.

3.8 Fund raise by subscriptions, levies and donations as from time to time may be required to administer the affairs of the Association.

3.9 Borrow or raise money and secure payment of same, or to secure payment of any money owing by the Association or the satisfaction or performance of any obligations or liabilities incurred by the Association.

3.10 Invest any money of the Association not required for immediate use in the manner following:

3.10.1 On any form of security which is or may be approved for trustees under any Public Act of New Zealand.

3.10.2 On any real securities in New Zealand provided that the amount advanced on any one security does not exceed the amount recommended by the Association’s valuer, such amount being not more that two thirds of the value placed on the whole security by the valuer.

3.10.3 On deposit either at interest or on current account at any bank carrying on business in New Zealand under authority of Act of the General Assembly.

3.11 Withdraw, suspend or terminate membership of any member club, individual financial member, associate member or kindred organisation member.

3.12 Implement disciplinary procedures and impose sanctions and penalties on any member club, individual financial member, associate member or kindred organisation member.

3.13 Establish tribunals, conduct hearings and hear appeals.

3.14 Enter into and/or terminate contracts with competitors, staff, members, sponsors, media and other persons, agencies and organisations.

3.15 Develop job descriptions and appoint and terminate the appointment of staff (casual, contract, other).

3.16 Delegate duties, co-opt, appoint and dismiss sub-committees or individuals.

3.17 Disseminate private or other information about members with their consent, via written declaration, and subject to the purpose being in accordance with the Objects and powers of the Association.

3.18 Subscribe to, affiliate to and co-operate with kindred or other organisations, including internationals.

3.19 Promote the Association and its activities.

3.20 Develop, organise, deliver and participate in programmes of education, training and

3.21 To do such thing or things which, not being unlawful or inconsistent with the Incorporated Societies Act, in the opinion of the Association are conducive to the attainment of the Objects and the powers of the Association.


4.1 Member Clubs. The membership of the Association shall consist of an organisation of clubs which have been, or may be formed with objects consistent with those of the Association and which comply with the conditions which may be set by the Council from time to time. Such members shall be known as “member clubs”.

4.2 Individual Financial Members. “Individual financial members” are those persons who are financial members of member clubs. Individual financial members are not members of the National Rifle Association of New Zealand but shall be entitled to all the benefits of the Association including (but not limited to) allocation of national grading, participation in shooting at all levels, and postal voting for election of Council delegates.

4.3 Associate Members. “Associate members” are persons accepted as such by member clubs. Associate members are not members of the National Rifle Association of New Zealand but shall be entitled to the privileges of individual financial members except that associate members are:

4.3.1 Not to participate in regional or national competition.

4.3.2 Not allocated a national grading.

4.3.3 Limited to participate in no more than five club events for each shooting season.

4.3.4 Not permitted to vote in the annual postal vote for election of Council delegates or any Association national referendum.

4.4 Membership of a member club, individual financial membership, associate membership, and kindred membership may be withdrawn, suspended or terminated if:

4.4.1 Such members fail to meet the conditions set by Council, or

4.4.2 For conduct which, in the opinion of the Council, may bring the Association, its members, or the sport of target rifle shooting into disrepute, or which is prejudicial to the objects of the Association.

4.5 Membership of a member club, individual financial membership, associate membership or kindred membership may be withdrawn, suspended or terminated on resolution carried by a two-thirds majority of votes recorded in General Meeting, or at a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee called for the purpose.

4.6 A member club, individual financial member, associate member or kindred member whose membership has been withdrawn, suspended or terminated may, within one month of receiving written notification thereof, lodge with the secretary written notice of intention to appeal against the decision of a General Meeting or of the Disciplinary Committee.

4.7 Any member club may resign from the Association by providing three months notice in writing of its intention to do so, but shall be liable for any subscriptions or affiliation fees for the current year.

4.8 Honorary Life Membership. Any person who has rendered valuable service to the Association may be elected, by a simple majority vote, to Honorary Life Membership upon recommendation of the Council to the Annual General Meeting.

4.9 Affiliation Of Kindred Organisations. Kindred organisations are those organisations with objects similar to those of the Association and which have their own structure.

4.9.1 Kindred organisations shall be entitled, on application in writing and with the approval of the Council, to affiliate with the Association.

4.9.2 Kindred organisations shall be required to pay an administration fee which shall be set by the Council.

4.9.3 Kindred organisations will have no rights other than to allow its members to participate in competition organised by the Association or competitions conducted under the shooting rules and regulations of the Association.

4.9.4 Individual members of affiliated kindred organisations will have the right to affiliate to the Association and upon payment of the annual affiliation subscription to the Association such person shall be entitled to all the privileges of individual financial members of member clubs.


5.1 Annual subscriptions payable to the Association will be set from time to time by Council and will be payable by member clubs in the form of an affiliation fee paid per individual financial member of the club.

5.2 Associate members may be included in the affiliated membership at a reduced fee as determined by Council.

5.3 Where a person is a member of more than one club only one affiliation fee will be paid to the Association. In any competition conducted by the Association or under the rules of the Association competitors can only represent the club which has paid their affiliation fee.

5.4 Overseas competitors, entrants or visitors to New Zealand are required to affiliate to the Association prior to participating in competition in New Zealand. In this instance, the Council may elect to waive any affiliation fee.

For the avoidance of doubt, "Overseas competitors, entrants or visitors to New Zealand" shall include shooters travelling to New Zealand to compete in the NRANZ National Championship matches, international, club or provincial competitions, but shall not include shooters who are members of an overseas Rifle Association who reside in New Zealand.  Any such shooter shall be required to become a member of the association and pay the full NRANZ affiliation fee in the same manner as all other members of the Association.


6.1 Not less than 21 days notice shall be given in writing by the Secretary to all member clubs of the place and time of the meeting and of any business to be transacted.

6.2 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held during the annual championship meeting at such time and place as the Council shall determine. If for any reason no championship meeting is held in any one year the annual general meeting will be held at such time and place as the council shall determine, being not more than twelve months following the end of the financial year. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

6.2.1 To receive and consider the President’s annual report.

6.2.2 To receive and approve the treasurer’s statement for the financial year ending June 30th preceding the meeting and a statement of assets and liabilities as of that date

6.2.3 To elect the officers for the ensuing term, to take office on the first day of the month following the Annual General Meeting. Officers will be elected from those nominations which have been received according to Rule 7.4. In the case where no nominations have been received for a specific office, nominations may be received from the floor.

6.2.4 To transact any other business which shall be duly submitted to the meeting and which complies with these rules.

6.3 All other general meetings of the Association shall be Special meetings and will be convened at any time by resolution of the Council or the Secretary will call a special meeting on the requisition in writing of not less than seven member clubs stating the purpose of the meeting.

6.4 A quorum at any general meeting shall consist of two thirds of affiliated members as represented by their Club delegate.

6.5 Each member club which has paid its subscription in full for the current year shall have the right to appoint one delegate who will speak and vote on their behalf. Should this delegate be other than the President of the club, the Secretary will be advised of the delegates name in writing prior to commencement of the meeting. This delegated person need not be from the same Club but must be a fully affiliated member of the NRANZ.

6.6 Individual financial members of each member club will have the right to attend any general meeting of the Association but will have no vote and will not have the right to speak except with the consent of the chair.

6.7 Voting will be by a show of hands with each delegate present having one vote. However, the chair, or any delegate present, may call for a poll whereby each delegate’s vote will be attributed the combined strength of the affiliated financial members of their club.


7.1 The office bearers of the Association shall consist of:

7.1.1 Patron,

7.1.2 Vice Patron,

7.1.3 President,

7.1.4 Deputy President,

7.1.5 Honorary Treasurer,

7.1.6 Secretary, and

7.1.7 Scrutineers.

7.2 With the exception of the Secretary, who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee, all officers will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

7.3 Three Scrutineers will be appointed, any two of whom must be present whilst ballot papers are counted.

7.4 Nominations for Office bearers will be called for by the secretary not later than November 15th each year. Nominations received will be notified to member clubs not less than 21 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.


8.1 A Financial Reviewer will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting for the ensuing year.

8.2 The auditor shall examine the books and accounts and certify to the correctness of the annual statement of receipts and payments and the balance sheet of the Association.


9.1 Each club which becomes a member of the Association shall pay an annual subscription. This subscription will consist of an affiliation fee for every individual financial member of the member club and will be set by Council.

9.2 Subscriptions will be payable by the 31st of October each year and any club which is six months in arrears shall cease to be a member of the Association but the council may at its discretion reinstate such a club on payment of all amounts due.

9.3 Any member club who knowingly breaks the rules of this Association, or who knowingly permits their members to break the rules of this Association shall be liable to a fine of $200.00 payable to the Association for each infringement.

9.4 The member clubs will have the right to jointly appoint eight delegates to the Council of the Association each year. These delegates shall be affiliated to the Association through a member club.

9.5 One delegate may be appointed by the clubs in each of the geographic regions as represented by the following groups of district associations:

9.5.1 Northern Region - Northland, Auckland, South Auckland, Bay of Plenty;

9.5.2 Central Region - Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Western Districts, Wairarapa;

9.5.3 Wellington Region - Wellington; and

9.5.4 Southern Region - Marlborough, Nelson, Westland, Canterbury, Otago, Southland.

9.6 The Secretary of the Association shall be advised in writing of the names and of the duration of office of each delegate no later than September 15th. The letter of advice will be signed by the secretaries of each of the district associations represented by the delegate, or by the secretary from a regional association set up to represent a group of district associations.

9.7 The term of office for regional delegates shall commence the first day of October.

9.8 Four delegates will be elected to Council by postal vote of all financial members of affiliated Association member clubs.

9.9 Each delegate will be elected for a period of two years, with two of the delegates being elected each year according to the schedule set out below:

9.9.1 Call for nominations by August 15th each year.

9.9.2 Nominations close September 30th.

9.9.3 Confidential voting papers posted out to all affiliated members by November 15th. Each affiliated member will be able to vote for two nominees on the ballot paper. and

9.9.4 Voting closes December 15th.

9.10 Votes will be counted by scrutineers appointed by the previous AGM, the two delegates with the highest number of votes being elected. Should it be the scrutineers’ opinion that the intention of any voter is not clear, the vote shall be declared invalid.

9.11 The results of the confidential postal vote for delegates shall be announced at the ensuing AGM. No appeal or recount of votes will be permitted. A tied vote shall be resolved by a show of hands vote at the AGM.

9.12 The term of office for delegates elected by postal vote shall commence the first day of the month following the ensuing AGM.

9.13 Should a delegate resign or otherwise relinquish office prior to the completion of their term:

9.13.1 Regional Delegate. The Secretary of the Association shall be advised in writing of the name and of the term of office of the replacement delegate. The letter of advice will be signed by the secretaries of each of the district associations represented by the delegate, or by the secretary from a regional association set up to represent a group of district associations.

9.13.2 Postal Vote Delegate. The nominee with the next highest vote in the election will be appointed. Should there be no other nominees, the Council may, at their discretion, fill the position by appointment until such time as the next postal vote is held, or hold a special postal vote. In any case, the term for the new delegate will end according to the original schedule.


10.1 The Council shall consist of the President, Deputy President, Treasurer, Executive Chairman, Deputy Chairman, four delegates appointed by regions and the four delegates elected by popular vote.

10.2 A delegate who is unable to attend a council meeting may appoint an alternate who will have the same rights so long as the Secretary is advised in writing prior to the meeting.

10.3 A council meeting will require at least 50% of its members to be present for a quorum.

10.4 The Council shall have all of the powers of the Association detailed in Rule 3 of this constitution. The Council shall not have authority to exercise any power in Rule 3 of this constitution that expressly requires a resolution at a general meeting.

10.4.1 In making, altering or rescinding shooting regulations and by-laws of the Association the Council shall:

(a) Adoption Or Amendment Of Procedural By-Law.
The day to day operating procedures of the Association may be determined by the Council (including delegation to the Executive Secretariat) as an when necessary in accordance with normal meeting procedure. There shall be no need to follow any remit process for such matters.

(b) Adoption Or Amendment Of Shooting Rules And Regulations. Changes to the shooting rules and regulations will only be made by the Council (except as provided by clause 10.4.1(c) hereunder) after following the established remit process of the National Rifle Association of New Zealand.

(c) Adoption Or Amendment Of Shooting Rules And Regulations Without Referral To The Remit Process. Changes to the Shooting Rules and Regulations which are in the opinion of the Council;

(i) Non-contentious and minor or technical in nature,
(ii) Urgent, or
(iii) Required for safety reasons may be determined by the Council as and when necessary in accordance with normal meeting procedure.

10.5 Chair at association meetings.

10.5.1 Any General Meetings and all Council Meetings will be chaired by either the President or Deputy President.

10.5.2 The Council will appoint an Executive Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson one of whom will chair all meetings of the Executive

10.6 The Council will approve a three year management plan for the association which will be updated annually and which will be consistent with the objects of the Association and will be the direction to which the Executive will manage the affairs of the Association.

10.7 The Council will appoint one of their members to represent the Association on the executive of the NZ Shooting Federation.

10.8 The Council will conduct not less than two meeting per year, one of which will be held between January 1st and April 30th each year for the express purpose of approving the update to the management plan.

10.8.1 In addition to the meetings specified above the Executive Chairperson may, in lieu of calling a formal meeting, seek the opinion of Council by:

(a) facsimile,
(b) conference telephone call, or
(c) any other means of communication.

10.8.2 The Executive Chairperson shall act in accordance with the general views obtained provided such opinion is supported by the majority of delegates. Such action will be formally ratified at the next meeting of the Council.

10.9 District Association which represent clubs who are members of the association may send a representative to any Council meeting providing that the district association provides advice in writing to the Secretary. Such a representative will have no vote and will have the right to speak only with the consent of the chair except on specific matters before the meeting for which the secretary has received prior written advice that the representative wishes to address the meeting.

10.10 Each council member will have one vote. The Executive chairperson will have a casting vote which will, when required, be used to maintain the status quo.

10.11 Members of the executive committee shall be invited to attend council meetings, take part in debate on any issue and may move matters for discussion.


11.1 The Council shall appoint a Disciplinary Committee of three financial members of affiliated Association member clubs, one of whom shall be designated as chairperson.

11.2 The quorum shall be three. Should one of the members be unavailable to attend a hearing the Council will appoint a replacement for that hearing.

11.3 Any member of the Disciplinary Committee who has an interest in any matter before the committee must declare that interest, and be precluded from any participation in the hearing. The Council will appoint a replacement.

11.4 The procedures for hearing a formal appeal or complaint will be as determined by the Council from time to time.

11.5 The Disciplinary Committee shall have jurisdiction over associate members, individual financial members, member clubs, kindred members and district associations.

The Disciplinary Committee shall:

11.5.1 Hear formal complaints from any individual financial member, member club or district association.

11.5.2 Hear formal appeals from any individual financial member, member club or district association.

11.5.3 Investigate and hear any matter that comes to the attention of the Disciplinary Committee from any individual financial member, member club or district association.

11.6 If a complaint is proved to its satisfaction, the Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to impose on a individual financial member, associate member, member club, kindred member or district association concerned, one or more of the following penalties;

11.6.1 Suspension either indefinitely or for a stated period from either competing or taking part in any other capacity in any event sanctioned by the Association.

11.6.2 A fine.

11.6.3 Censure in respect to conduct.

11.6.4 Payment of any costs or expenses incurred by witnesses or others in relation to a hearing.

11.6.5 Any other penalty deemed appropriate.

11.7 The Disciplinary Committee Chairperson shall have the power to impose suspension covering the period from the alleged breach of rule, regulation or conduct until the disciplinary procedure shall have been completed. Where an individual has been suspended, any period of suspension imposed at a final hearing shall commence from the date of the initial interim suspension.

11.8 There shall be no appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Committee Chairperson under the preceding paragraph. Appeals against other decisions of the Disciplinary Committee may be made in accordance with Rule 4.6.


The Constitution of the Association may be altered, added to or rescinded by a two thirds majority vote at any general meeting of which fourteen days notice of the place, date and business to be conducted has been given in writing to all members.

13. SEAL

The seal of the Association shall be in the custody of the Secretary but shall not be fixed to any document except by order of the Council and in the presence of the Secretary and two council members.


14.1 The procedure leading to the winding up of the Association will be in accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act. The resolution requiring the Association to be wound up shall be passed by a majority vote of those present at a General Meeting.

14.2 If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Association there remains any property whatsoever after payment of the Associations liabilities, such property will be given to some other institution or association having objects similar to the Association. Such institution or association to be determined by a majority vote as a general meeting of the Association, or, failing such a decision, in such a manner as the registrar of Incorporated Societies may determine.


15.1 The Executive Secretariat shall consist of the Executive Chairperson, Deputy
Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

15.2 The Executive Secretariat shall carry out all administrative functions of the Association, manage the activities of the Association according to the Management Plan and attend to such matters as may be delegated to it by Council.

Specifically, but without limitation, the Executive will:

15.2.1 Maintain the Seddon Range and all equipment to a satisfactory standard.

15.2.2 Maintain the Associations headquarters buildings.

15.2.3 Run the annual championship meeting including the appointment of all administrative and range staff. and

15.2.4 Administer the purchase of ammunition including supplies for resale to affiliated club members.

15.3 The Executive Secretariat will appoint members to the Executive Committee to manage specific responsibilities such as:

15.3.1 National championship meeting;

15.3.2 Publicity, communications, and sponsorship;

15.3.3 Liaison with Police, Army, etc;

15.3.4 Strategy - advising Council on strategic planning;

15.3.5 Membership;

15.3.6 National range maintenance;

15.3.7 Delegate to NZ Shooting Federation; and

15.3.8 Specific events of programmes.

15.4 Not less than 14 days prior to making such an appointment, the Secretary shall advise the Council in writing that an appointment is to be made and the responsibilities the new committee member will have.


16.1 The Council will appoint a Convener of Selectors and two National Selectors.

16.2 It shall be the responsibility of the selection committee to select representative teams from nominations received.

16.3 It shall be the responsibility of the convener of selectors to be available to attend meetings in support of NRA nominations to international events through the NZ Shooting Federation or OCGA.

16.4 It shall be the responsibility of individual selectors to ensure that suitable nominations are brought forward for selection.


A grading committee shall be appointed by Council to adjudicate on grading objections received from any member club or individual financial member of a member club.

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