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National Grading POLICY

To get onto the grading list a shooter has to have competed in a minimum of 3 championship meetings in a 3 year period that has meet the following requirement:

-  the minimum number of shooters for a meeting to be a graded meeting is 15 shooters
-  a minimum of 4 A grade shooters for a meeting

If this requirement is not met then the meeting is not used for grading purposes. 

Also if a shooter does not complete the course of fire their score is discarded for grading purpose and hence that will affect the total number of shooters for the meeting to count for grading. 

At the start of each season the oldest seasons scores are discarded and the grading that is done after nationals is based on 2.5 years and the grading. At the end of the season the grading is done on 3 years of scores. 

If a competitor attends National Championship and shoots WRA, Masefield and the Belt then they will have gained scores for 4 graded meetings and hence they will appear on the grading list.  

Please note: the Marlborough Spring and the Belt each have 2 gradings as they both shoot 10 ranges and hence they are split into two aggregates for grading.

Barnard Precision National Grading List

View the current National Grading List as at 24 January 2023




Canterbury Autumn Meeting

01 Apr 2023

North Island & Cheltenham RC 300 metre Championship

13 May 2023

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