The National Rifle Association of New Zealand (NRANZ) was founded in 1878 under the banner of the New Zealand Rifle Association (NZRA). 

A regional-based national shooting competition of militia and volunteers had been taking place in New Zealand annually from 1861 and from then until 1877 was run by the Government Volunteers organisation. During the period 1878 - 1922 the organisation continued with two more name changes and in 1923, the National Rifle Association of New Zealand (NRANZ) was formed and has continued to this present day.

NRANZ administers the sport of Long Range Full Bore Rifle Shooting in New Zealand with its main aim to encourage and promote competitive target rifle shooting as a sport and the safe handling and use of firearms. The national office of the Association is sited on the Trentham Rifle Range Reserve and services the needs of its member clubs situated throughout New Zealand.

NRANZ actively promotes a junior shooter development programme which provides a pathway for young and new shooters to compete at national and international level. As well as the development of junior shooters, NRANZ participates in international competitions both at World Championships and Commonwealth Games events with considerable success.

NRANZ actively promotes the safe conduct of community-based rifle club shooting, a sport where all who participate do so on an equal footing.  A sport that also teaches young and old alike the art of self control and determination though the development of the mental skills needed to succeed as a top marksman or woman.



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