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“It is no good wishing for bullseyes. My attention must be 100 % on what I am doing. I am the launching pad for the shot.

Incorporated Societies Act 1908

Incorporated Societies Act 1908

Arms Legislation Act 2020

Arms Legislation Act 2020

Secure Storage Guidance for Firearms and Ammuniton document

Kia ora,  On 1 February 2022, new regulations for firearms and ammunition storage and transport came into effect, which affect all standard firearms licence holders.

Summary of Shooting Classes

Summary of Shooting Classes as at 13/9/2021 

Benefits to Being Affiliated

Benefits to individual financial members for being affiliated to the National body by each Member Club, (apart from it being an absolute requirement of our constitution).

New Members Discussion Document

New Members Discussion Document

Gun Smiths recommended by members

Gun Smiths recommended by members

How to Video - Tying Wind Flags

Here is a link to youtube with the video of tying the wind flags. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=x7GCgPvsUT0&feature=youtu. be

Useful Coaching links

Useful coaching links

Affiliation Sheet

Blank Affiliation Sheet Available here

Ross Mason's Graphic Wind Gauge Mk 2

Graphic Wind Gauge Mk 2 Ross Mason - Updated October 2023 Understanding the wind is one of hardest skills to acquire when learning to shoot bigbore.

NZ Club Postal Shoot Score Sheet

NZ Club Postal Shoot score sheet - T15

Incident Report Template

Incident Report Template (. DOCX) Incident Report Template (. PDF)

Mark Miller's Guide to Target Rifle Shooting

Mark Miller's Guide to Target Rifle Shooting

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