Benefits to Being Affiliated

Benefits to individual financial members for being affiliated to the National
body by each Member Club, (apart from it being an absolute requirement of
our constitution).

  • Access to national body web site.
  • Promotion and advertising of clubs presence via national body web site.
  • Interested persons contact info gathered via NRANZ website and forward to members clubs.
  • Access to system of each club member listings and contact info.
  • Member only access web buy and sell section.
  • Access to members only section on national web site.
  • Access to network of club sec contacts for national level info distribution.
  • Access to national organisations such as NZSF, COLFO and other shooting bodies.
  • Access to NZ Police and other Govt agencies re matters of firearms interest.
  • Access to national body able to influence Govt agencies re rules and policies on firearm matters.
  • Access to national body system of purchasing, inventory and distribution of components to member clubs.
  • Access to network and system of distributing haz subs components nationally to members club locations.
  • Distribution of components to club home locations at no freight costs to individual members.
  • Member club credit terms of 20th of next month for payment of components purchased from national body. (Credit terms being a Privilege not a Right).
  • Access to national body able to bulk purchase components at best buy rates.
  • Access to regional, national and international shooting reports and results.
  • Access to and being part of national system of grading and publication of lists.
  • Member club range inspection and certification.
  • Included in professional indemnity insurance cover nationally.
  • Included in public liability insurance cover nationally.
  • Access to NZSF insurance broker rates for members club assets.
  • Provision of national level shooting rules which govern all NZ shooting events.
  • Provision of national level qualification in club RCO training.
  • Development, provision and distribution of target faces centres and marking supplies.
  • Able to access and attend NRANZ levels of competitions:
  • Five club events only (Associate Member)
  • Participate NZ Member Club shooting programmes
  • Participate NZ Interclub events
    • Participate NZ Inter-region teams events
    • Regional Champs NZ
    • National Champs Trentham NZ
    • International Events within NZ
    • Overseas National Events
    • Overseas International Events
    • New Zealand Rifle Team Representation NRANZ
    • New Zealand Shooting Team Representation – NZ Shooting Fed – NZ Olympic Committee
  • Access for individual members to development funding via NRANZ national body.
  • Ability of junior club members to participate in junior level development programmes
  • Access by all members to available development programmes
  • Access to national level coaching resource.


    What you get for your Affiliation (.PDF)

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