2014 Commonwealth Games

2014 Comm Games Update#05

Another day at Bisley.

2014 Comm Games Update#24

No lashings of bacon for Timmy again today. The Guys are pretty distraught about their performance.

2014 Comm Games Update#23

Monday: A great day to be on a shooting range.

2014 Comm Games Update#22

After last night’s rain, the fog has gone and we had real wind today.

2014 Comm Games Update#10 - Good Will Messages

Hi Guys. For those wishing to send the crew at Bisley good will messages, Bevan has provided an email address which will direct all messages to his personal handset.

2014 Comm Games Update#21

No rashers of bacon for Timmy today!! Another challenging day with opportunities. The shoot was to start early to catch up the 600m match we lost to fog yesterday.

2014 Comm Games Update#20

Two images courtesy of John McLaren.

2014 Comm Games Update#09

Well good news. John Snowden and Mike have made the final 100 for tomorrow's Queens Prize. 15 shots each at 900 &1000 yds.

2014 Comm Games Update#18

Thursday evening. Well, now it's time for Roaming in the Gloaming! Tomorrow is the start of the pairs match.

2014 Comm Games Update#16 - Schedule & Results

Please see below a pic of the Schedule for Fullbore Rifle Matches.

2014 Comm Games Update#17

Tuesday. Today was shortened to one practice shoot at 900 yds as fog rolled in off the sea mid morning and stayed untill about 3pm.

2014 Comm Games Update#19

Friday Evening. Well it wasn't the best start. A pint of beer doesn't fix it but it helps plan a fight back for tomorrow.

2014 Comm Games Update#26

Day after. On reflection the morning after a wee dram, we still never achieved anywhere near where we should have in the fullbore.

2014 Comm Games Update#15

First day of practice. What an effort the Scots have put in. People everywhere to welcome, help and provide stuff.

2014 Comm Games Update#14

Sunday. Mike and I arrived at the Glasgow Games Village to do our accreditation etc just as the NZ team were given a welcome and flag raising ceremony.

2014 Comm Games Update#13

We're wandering along on the train to Glasgow at around 200 km/hour through beautiful farmland, fat lambs and crops so thick you could walk on top of them and a…

2014 Comm Games Update#11 - St George

John Snowden has just shot a 75. 10 at 900yds to go with his 74. 12 at 600 to gain 13th place in the St George.

2014 Comm Games Update#08

The Grand agg concluded this morning with 15 shots at 600 yds. The Grand is shot over 12 different shoots plus 5 leadup shoots beforehand.

2014 Comm Games Update#07

Queens stage one today, 7 shots at 3, 5 & 600yds.

2014 Comm Games Update#06

St Georges stage 1@300 yds 15 shots this morning. Top 300 go on to shoot 15 shots at 600yds sometime later this week.

2014 Comm Games Update#04

Today has offered a variety of winds and strength for the 10 shots @ 600 and 900yds and 15 shots at 500.

2014 Comm Games Update#03

Hot muggy day. We had two more leadup shoots then started the Grand with 15 shots at 500yds. It has a smaller bullseye than home but a bigger center.

2014 Comm Games Update#02

Today was a pre grand lead up day with shoots at ranges 5, 6, and 900 yards.

2014 Comm Games Update#01

Hello Folks The four kiwis are installed at Bisley ready to start shooting friday arvo.

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