2014 Comm Games Update#21

No rashers of bacon for Timmy today!!

Another challenging day with opportunities. The shoot was to start early to catch up the 600m match we lost to fog yesterday. Nice fine weather for a 9-30 start, but were held up by surfers in the danger zone! Finally got the shoot done with our guys only dropping 1 point to sneak up to 10th. Then on queue with Mike on aim at 900, in rolls the ffog until 3pm (yes more snoozing)

Mike and John both shot 74's which was a good result on the first detail to move up to 7th, which should have meant on the seeding, they would shoot in the 2nd detail at 1000yds. However because it was already after 5pm they left the squads as is and M&J shot in the first detail and copped a downpour during their 15 shots for a score 10 down which again was good in their detail. As they finished, the rain cleared to allow some great scores in the second detail. England shot an amazing score as did Canada and Scotland.

We were never going to threaten the medalists today, but as they say, with a wee bit more luck, we may have ended in the 5.

Australia looked set for a medal, but a wrong target in bad light cost them. In the end, our guys put up with some not so ideal conditions and kept their focus and both coached well and put the shots down as best they could. We had Coby and children as well as John McLaren back supporting again today. Was good having them around.

Stage 1 of the individual starts tomorrow. 7 shots at 3,5 & 600m, so all power to them.

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