2014 Comm Games Update#13

We're wandering along on the train to Glasgow at around 200 km/hour through beautiful farmland, fat lambs and crops so thick you could walk on top of them and a few bits I missed earlier came mind. Mainly the help and support from a lot of folk.

The warmth and welcomes from the locals, in particular from the GB teams that have been to NZ. The Aust Team were good company as usual. Paul and Viv from Leeds who put up with John McLaren, for that matter all of Johns UK mates were very tolerant. Paul was dragged into scoring duties for one of our team shoots as was Struan, my son who stopped in for couple of days while on his OE. We also had Tammy and Tim, my daughter and her partner visit to offer support while they also holidayed up here. Nik Chiew made a special visit in his NZ shooting kit to say hello as did Erica from Karori RC and her partner. Was great to see everyone and have their support. John Snowden appeared so focused shooting in the final yesterday until about half way through, Coby and I caught him looking around at the big leader board to see where his name was while he was waiting for his shooting partner to fire!!  Management is looking into it! Mikes not squeaky clean either but we wont go into that!

Paul Stevens son John is the owner of the caravan whom we thank for the use of.  It was great to have our own space between shoots and to do our catering.


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