2014 Commonwealth Games

2014 Comm Games Update#06

St Georges stage 1@300 yds 15 shots this morning. Top 300 go on to shoot 15 shots at 600yds sometime later this week.

2014 Comm Games Update#04

Today has offered a variety of winds and strength for the 10 shots @ 600 and 900yds and 15 shots at 500.

2014 Comm Games Update#03

Hot muggy day. We had two more leadup shoots then started the Grand with 15 shots at 500yds. It has a smaller bullseye than home but a bigger center.

2014 Comm Games Update#02

Today was a pre grand lead up day with shoots at ranges 5, 6, and 900 yards.

2014 Comm Games Update#01

Hello Folks The four kiwis are installed at Bisley ready to start shooting friday arvo.

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