2014 Commonwealth Games

2014 Comm Games Update#17

Tuesday. Today was shortened to one practice shoot at 900 yds as fog rolled in off the sea mid morning and stayed untill about 3pm.

2014 Comm Games Update#19

Friday Evening. Well it wasn't the best start. A pint of beer doesn't fix it but it helps plan a fight back for tomorrow.

2014 Comm Games Update#26

Day after. On reflection the morning after a wee dram, we still never achieved anywhere near where we should have in the fullbore.

2014 Comm Games Update#15

First day of practice. What an effort the Scots have put in. People everywhere to welcome, help and provide stuff.

2014 Comm Games Update#14

Sunday. Mike and I arrived at the Glasgow Games Village to do our accreditation etc just as the NZ team were given a welcome and flag raising ceremony.

2014 Comm Games Update#13

We're wandering along on the train to Glasgow at around 200 km/hour through beautiful farmland, fat lambs and crops so thick you could walk on top of them and a…

2014 Comm Games Update#11 - St George

John Snowden has just shot a 75. 10 at 900yds to go with his 74. 12 at 600 to gain 13th place in the St George.

2014 Comm Games Update#08

The Grand agg concluded this morning with 15 shots at 600 yds. The Grand is shot over 12 different shoots plus 5 leadup shoots beforehand.

2014 Comm Games Update#07

Queens stage one today, 7 shots at 3, 5 & 600yds.

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