2014 Comm Games Update#18

Thursday evening.

Well, now it's time for Roaming in the Gloaming! Tomorrow is the start of the pairs match. 10shots @ 3, 5 & 600yds, followed by 15shots @ 9 & 1000yds on Saturday. Mike and John trained hard today in really tricky mirage switchy bright tough conditions that were hard for a lot of competitors, so they are ready for their beds early tonight. I'm buggered just watching.

The competition will be strong. There are a lot of big kids in this sandpit, but everyone has an equal opportunity to come out on top. Mike and John have put a huge amount of time and effort into this campaign and we hope for the best possible result for them.

Security has gone up another gear as the public are allowed in tomorrow. We are going to really glow in the dark after this with all the scanning they do every time we go into the range and our hotel. There must be enough police and security staff for us to have one each. Ive seen a few with bright purple rubber gloves on, but I dont think I'll be asking why they wear them!!

I know our guys will do the very best job they possibly can tomorrow and that's what we ask.


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