2014 Comm Games Update#17


Today was shortened to one practice shoot at 900 yds as fog rolled in off the sea mid morning and stayed untill about 3pm. If you scroll down the page till you get to a blank section,you will see the photo of what we were looking at! It is quite common for this to happen,so we hope it doesnt give us too much trouble in the matches.

Wed morning.

We are going to try and have a go at the 1000yds we missed yesterday depending on the mist. There is no shooting this arvo as folk are heading across to Glasgow for the opening. They wont get back till around 2 or 3 tomorrow morning,so us old folk are not going as the boys have a busy practice all day Thurs. Instead this afternoon is a mental training session! John with family and Mike and I hope to go for a drive north. Breakfast beckons. Hi Shirl & Ken.


Wed afternoon.

I am writing sitting by a beach in 26 degrees at Buckie, a not so wee seaside town on the north coast to the left of Aberdeen. Mike has some rellies he has not met that live here,so we have driven up for him to catch up and for us to have a look around.

The guys had a shoot at 1000yds in scotch mist (well it was misty!) and like most of the other shooters, they had quite an elevation drop which we put down to the heavy air drifting towards us. Tomorrow (thurs) the practice will be at 3,6,9 & 1000yds. A busy day hence the r&r today  and not going to the opening. John will be with family today, somewhere near an icecream shop. We found out that Donald Trump owns our hotel. 




Hello all,

A small update on how the shooting team is progressing.

All are well and have been training well for the past few days.

Those that wanted to, travelled back to Glasgow yesterday to attend the NZ Team Function and stay overnight to experience the opening ceremony later this evening.

All have elected to travel back to Carnoustie on a late bus after the opening, this should have them arriving back at our accommodation around 1am.

Tomorrow starts the official and pre-event training, so from then onwards is the real stuff we came for.

Kind regards
Gavin Paton
NZSF Sports Dev Officer

For the readers looking for when Kiwi Shooters are competing,here is a rough timetable without having to go to never-never land to look for it.
Cheers Bevan

24th :Training
25th :Fullbore pairs-day 1-Mike and John
26th :Fullbore pairs-day 2 and final-Mike&John
         :10m Air rifle women- Jenna Mackenzie.
27th :Fullbore Individual-day 1-Mike and John.
28th :Fullbore Individual-day 2-Mike and John.
         :Trap-Men-Day 1-Myles Brown-Cole.
         :Trap Woman-Natalie Rooney.
         :50m Prone Rifle- Men-Martin Hunt and Ryan Taylor.
         :50m Pistol-Ricky Zhoe.
         :50m Prone-Woman-Sally Johnston and Jenna Mackenzie.
29th :Fullbore-day 3 and final-Mike and John.
         :Trap Men-day 2-and final-Myles.
         :50m 3P-Woman-Jenna and Sally

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