2014 Comm Games Update#12 - Final

A big day. Snowdy 13th in the Georges, then we shot the Junior Mackinnon teams match and won, then Mike and John S shot the final with 15 shots at 900 & 1000yds. Mike shot well but was disappointed to finish 90th and John had a 74 & 71 to end up around 25th. Was a great effort by both of them. We had a quick pack up and put our rifles on a truck to Barry Buddon and the Snowdens set off north on their way to Scotland. Mike and I are going by fast train to Glasgow tomorrow Sunday.

We make the prize giving dripping a bit of sweat and were pleased to be presented with some fairly impressive silver tubs as the photos will show. Its ok, Kathy, I'm not allowed to bring them home, so you wont have to help me clean them! The big story I gave about the Wimbleton trophy being like the tennis one was only right for an armed services match. Mine looks better I reckon. The other cups are for the teams matches we shot in.

It's been great here at Bisley. I think it has achieved plenty in the preparation for the Games. Especially as we have come over in our off season, but have created a mid season feeling of regular shooting systems. It will be quite different in Scotland. The heat here has been amazing, but up north they have had a bit of all sorts. The routine will be different too. Lots of practice , then the matches. We will update when we get settled in. Pictured blow is Richard Jeens, the winner today. You may remember him from the GB tour 2010.

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