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Secure Storage Guidance for Firearms and Ammuniton document

Kia ora,  On 1 February 2022, new regulations for firearms and ammunition storage and transport came into effect, which affect all standard firearms licence holders.

NRANZ Guidelines for submissions

NRANZ Guidelines for submissions 

Notice to Members re Firearms Regulations

Notice to Members re Firearms Regulations

Vaccine Pass required for the 2022 National Championship

Vaccine Pass required for the 2022 National Championship

F-PR rules

NRANZ new F-PR class rules   A. Rifles shall not exceed a calibre of . 308 inch B. Barrel length shall not exceed 715 mm (28.

Prohibited Ammunition

As published today - 20 June 2019 http://www. legislation. govt. nz/regulation/public/2019/0137/latest/LMS214860. html?search=ts_act%40bill%40regulation%40deemedreg_arms_resel_25_a&p=1

Information on the Firearms 'buy back'

More information can be found here: https://www. police. govt. nz/advice/firearms-and-safety/changes-firearms-law-prohibited-firearms#anchor7  

Clarification of ICFRA F-Class Rules

F Class (FTR & F OPEN) RULE CLARIFICATION Addition email received 27 January 2018 Lady and Gentleman,  I confirm the Chairman's interpretation and emphasis “They must be flat on the top and bottom.…

Ammunition and Energy Testing Procedure on Seddon Range

A must read for users of Seddon Range, Trentham, New Zealand NRANZ Council has decided to raise ammunition testing and Muzzle Energy testing to a more visible level in NRANZ and…

NZSF 2018 Commonwealth Games Nomination Criteria

Hello all,  RE: NZSF 2018 Commonwealth Games (Nomination Criteria)  Below is a link to the NZSF 2018 Commonwealth Games Nomination Criteria  http://www. olympic. org. nz/assets/Uploads/Shooting-Nom…

Police Range Inspection Course

NZ Police are about to launch a series of Police Range Inspection courses for the purpose of qualifying people to assist with the new Firearms Legislation and certification.

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