NZ Palma Team Report 2

Report for Thurs 30-07-15

The day started fine and remained fine with 5min left wind despite Chris firing several with 5 right at 1000yds.  Not quite up to yesterday's 36 deg but we got home for lunch to rest and load bullets.  John Mac found the rest easier than loading b........ Bullets, and the b doesn't stand for Berger.

The Tues Armish tourists were quite taken with their use of cell phones in their buggies.  In fact we are plagued by cellphones and the use of Whatsapp within the team and it's hard to even go to the loo without everyone knowing.

Sickbay is still filling up with about 9 for me to get my vet thermometer into gear before the team shoot lists are finalised.  Nothing as bad as the Capt in NZ just cases of the usual coughs colds sore things etc.  Hagar now seems to have lost his crutch.  We think his torn calf is either better or too tough to Barbie.  Malcolm continues to keep in touch from his sick bed and we all wish him well.  He even warned us we were getting a thunderstorm last night.  It never got cold though but you won't want read about our temps.

The team BBQs are going down well with people taking turns to burn n churn.

Some of the nameless Well executives have traded their golf buggies for rifle trolleys to keep pace with the locals.

By the way only about 1/2 the team have been shooting the 1000yd matches.  Star performer is Char who is lying 4th in the Agg with three 199s and Brad shot a classy 200.8 today.  We have a practice 1000yd tomorrow then all get involved on Sat over the Palma course as individuals then as 5 small teams on Sunday.

Keep sending the emails and food parcels.

Regards, John Mac

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