RIP - Keith Burrell

It is with sadness that we let you know that Keith Burrel has died.  Keith was 5 weeks short of being 76. 

He died last Sunday and as he requested, there wasn’t a funeral.  He was farewelled by his family the following day. 

Keith was an individual and an influential member of the Onslow Rifle Club. He had a wicked sense of humour, was generous and caring. He was also a poet. His times with the Onslow Rifle Club were full of fun.   His E =MC 2 newsletters were always an interesting read and enjoyed by the club.  When Lotto started in New Zealand, he organised us to select sets of club numbers.  We used them to put in lotto entries each week, as a club. 

He was a good shot. Keith was a member of the Onslow Goodwill Team to Brisbane in 1996. He entered C Grade in a lead up shoot and was regraded to B Grade for the lead in aggregate of the Queens. He won B Grade and was regraded to A for the Queens.  Someone suggested he should ask them to review the decision, to which he said, “Why, how many people have ever done this?” 

Keith and his dad, Bert Burrell, both shot for the club.  Bert always shot with his .303 Long Tom.  They had a very close relationship. After Bert died, Keith pursued other interests and drifted away from target shooting. 

He moved to Napier in the 2000s, where he and Moya, his darling, ran a very successful motel. 

When they retired, they enjoyed gardening and time with their grandchildren. 

‘Sleep well my friend,
or it might be that you’re on the fens,
watching the steam train smoke as it crosses the moon.’ 

Those who knew Keith, will not forget him.  

Kay and Bernie Laracy


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