Club Postal Match / School and/or Cadet Matches

NRANZ Postal Competitions

NRANZ has a number of postal competitions for clubs to participate in. These are all shot on your home range when you want to shoot them.

The deadline for the scores to be to the NRANZ Secretary is the 1st of August.

Many of the clubs that do take part find that this time of year is the best for good conditions.

The Target Rifle match is for a coached team of five shooters.


The F Class match is for a coached team of four shooters. The team may comprise FTR and F Open members.

The course of fire for both teams is 10 shots at 300, 500 and 600 yards. 

The entry fee is $31. A team score card is available on payment of the entry fee. 

The winning club teams from the TR competition in last few years have not been made up solely of A grade shooters. Some have only had two A grade shooters.

NRANZ Postal Competition for Teams from Schools, Cadets or Youth groups

There is a competition for a Target Rifle Team and an F Class Team.

The matches are for teams of three shooters.

The course of fire is 7 shots at 300, 500 and 600 yards.

The scores need to be into the NRANZ Secretary by the 1st of August.

NRANZ has obtained sponsorship for this competition. All of the clubs that have entered a team, F or TR, by the 31st of May will share 300 rounds of loaded 308 NRANZ ammunition. 

There is no entry fee for these matches

Clubs that have given these younger shooters the chance at these competitions have often got new members out of it. The amount of training done before shooting the match is entirely up to the club involved. If the shooters have a smallbore background, very little is needed for a TR team. A lot of schools have a smallbore shooting programme. Cadet groups in areas that have them are often already doing some firearms training and would welcome the chance to compete. 


We thank our sponsors

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