Commonwealth Games trails in Bendigo

Thanks to the VRA for their assistance in making this possible.  Friendly, helpful staff make organisation a breeze.

The range is in great conditions, good mounds with artificial turf, well flaggd and a very efficient relaxed RO in charge. 

We started Day one comprising of stage 1 and 2 at 9am.

With the range facing north but daylight saving having finished at the weekend the later start meant that sighting had improved significantly from diabolical to just plain horrible. The cold southerly rapidly changing wind of the previous few days had gentled and turned so the trials were shot in pleasant warm temperatures with much softer changes. 

Both the lead up and the Queens had commenced at 500 yards so this was the first look at 300 yards for the trialists.  Some interesting first sighters but most continued on to have good groups.  After stage one we broke for an early lunch then back to 300,500,600 for the 10 shot matches. 

Day two was stage three with 15 shots at 900 & 1000 yards.

Light and wind the same as the previous day although it was starting to get a bit stronger with more shifts nearing the end with most of the shots lost being near the end of everyone's strings. 

The competitors were conscientious on their times and there was a pretty high standard of shooting. 



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