Cyril Schollum of the Akarana City RC marks his 100th birthday

Sunday 19 January saw a celebration held for Cyril Schollum who turned 100 years old. Members of the Akarana-City, Franklin and Clevedon Rifle Clubs with family and friends got together with Cyril to celebrate this achievement.

Cyril received letters and cards from the Queen, Prime Minister, Mayor of Auckland and many others.

Still affiliated to the NRA of New Zealand, Cyril was still shooting until 5 years ago when driving and getting onto the mound became an issue. The Akarana-City club presented Cyril with a plaque that had mounted on it both the club badge and his NRANZ Veterans badge.

An excellent afternoon was held for Cyril for scoring his double possible, (100 years old).

Bruce Millard

Cyrill Schollum 100 Years Old Today

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