Final report from South Korea

Hi all

Today is our final day in Changwon. We have packed up the rifles and left over ammo.  This is now going to meet us at the airport tomorrow morning for our 8.30am flight from Busan to Bangkok, then onto Auckland, then home. 

The 300mtr match was very interesting and challenging.  My pre event training day went well in the hot and breezy weather for that day. The match day conditions was also hot, with fast moving cloud and stronger winds.  This saw many wind changes, left, right, up down and every which way in between.  The light also went from bright to dull with the cloud movements.  It seemed when one was right the other was not......

Never mind, I just kept telling myself that this was Trentham on a good day!!

I faced a number of challenges during the match and to have finished in 6th position, I feel, was a very good result.  If I could have shot the match again, then I don't think that there is any part of it that I would change.  I did the best that I could on the day.

It has been a fantastic experience.  The host nation, South Korea and the city of Changwon have done a magnificent job of staging this event.  Many volunteers have helped with the day to day running of the event. A true remarkable effort. 

I have once again been proud to represent New Zealand and thank NRANZ for their support and the support of the membership. 

See you at the range

Helen Freiman

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