FTR Rule Clarification

FTR Rule clarification

A number of questions have been raised by a NZ shooter which have been clarified by Kenny Proulx, ICFRA F-Class Committee Chairman.

Please see his responses below that have been forwarded to all countries (ICFRA F Class Delegates). 

Karyn Flanagan
Secretary, F Class Committee
F Class Delegate to Council
NZ F Class Delegate to ICFRA 

I also wanted to answer some question received by New Zealand: 

1.            Are cutouts allowed in the FTR front plate?  As long as it is stay flat top and bottom and it is not in any was part of a mechanism to help out.  A hole to use as handle is good.

2.            Are small items allowed to be placed under the FTR front plate/board to help with levelling and stability?  eg. small stones or gel bags We have seem different material used to level up the front plate and it has been accepted.  Unless this committee wants to rule against it.  Personally, the need to level up is inevitable and I would not rule on it.

3.            Can bipod feet be sharpened to resemble 'blades' that may track on the surface they travel on?  Feet can have any shape, but it cannot use or create track on a surface so it track back to target center.  If it just track better, but need all the fine adjustment on target in both horizontal and vertical, then it is OK from my point of view.

4.            Using a bipod pad (eg. Joy Pod front bag) with sand in it then deliberately forcing tracks into the bipod pad with the bipod feet during shooters setup creating definite channels in the surface for the bipod feet to run in?  It cannot use or create track.

5.            Can F Open use a spiked plate under their rear rest?  Spike are forbidden on the rear bad or rear bag plate.

6.            Can a 'donut' bag to be placed under the rear rest for both FTR and F Open shooters?  Yes, all soft material like a mat, dead bottom, snake cloth has always been accepted.

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