North Island v South Island Team Announcement

North and South Island Teams

Interisland Match, Monday 11 January

Course of fire, 10 shots at 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards.


North Island Team

Captain – Jon Phillipps
Coaches – Anita Benbrook & Owen Whiteman

Irene Cameron
Andre Doyle
Helen Freiman
Casey Goldsmith
Amy Hatcher
Rob Johansen
Bruce Millard
Gareth Morris
Jon Phillipps
Matt Read

Reserve – Nicole McKee

South Island Team

Captain – Richard Rowlands
Coaches – John Snowden, Charlotte Flanagan, Malcolm Dodson (2 to shoot as well)


Ken Chittock
Malcolm Dodson
Charlotte Flanagan
Chris Kershaw
Kathryn Lange
Charlie Ledbrook
Bevan Mehrtens
Richard Rowlands
John Snowden
Clinton White
Alan Whyte

Reserve – David Dick

North Island 2

Captain – Barry Scott
Coaches – John Ball & Lee Houghton


Kieran Crickmar
Nicole McKee
Jared McMurdo
Vic McMurdo
Brent Read
Barry Scott
Ken Snowden
David Woods

There is space in this team for 2 more shooters

 South Island 2, sufficient numbers for one target.

Captain – John Fleming

Chris Burgess
David Dick
Robbie Gilchrist
Sam Kershaw
Darien Miller

F Open and FTR

The F Open and FTR Teams travelling to Australia in June are using the day as a practise.

There were only 6 additional nominations in total for both classes.

There will be a target available beside the FTR and F Open teams for this team

Captain – Erica Alexander

Daniel Alexander
Jim Cockerill
Ivan Hastings
Paul Neal
Mike Young

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