NZ Palma Team Report 1

Today was the first day of the U.S. Long range match. We arrived at the range at 7:00am to get ready and be present for roll call at 8:00am. Today was 2x20 shot shoots at 1000 yards with competitor marking with a temperature of around 36 degrees which made for fun shooting. There was a mixture of different rifles and classes from high power to Palma rifles and approx 95 targets. The day was used to sort out sighting and ammunition, Charlotte lead the way with 398.12. More results to follow tomorrow. Each house has been allocated a day to post a report so look forward to updates from a different house each day.

For those that don't know, Malcolm our captain was unable to travel to the USA, the team would like to thank Bevan for his great attitude towards the team and stepping up to leading as Co-Captain in Malcolm's absence. There has been a great partnership between Malcolm and Bevan to get the team to the point of being able to shoot today. 

The team also has 4 people who are sick at the moment so fingers crossed they recover in the next few days. Thanks to John Mac, Anita, Jono and Helen who has been stepping in during the time Andre has been confined to his room.

Casey, Owen, Charlotte, Amy and Richard

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