NZ Palma Team Report 3

A 4-7 minute wind from the left that started out fairly steady but as the morning progressed the pick ups and let off's were a bit quicker and the 3rd and 4th relays didn't score as well as the earlier two relays. 

For these first 5 days of shooting apart from shooting we also have to go to the pits to mark. There are four relays for each match with 4 shooters detailed to each target. While Relay 1 shooter shoots the relay 2 shooter scores while the 3rd and 4th relay shooters go to the pits (butts in kiwi) and mark. 

You mark the target that you are shooting on. After relay 2 is completed the first two shooters are transported to the pits on the shooter shuttle, while those in relay 3 and 4 are returned to the firing line for there turn. 

Today we competed in the Doc Aiken Trophy unlimitted sighters and 20 shots to count in a time limit of 30 minutes. 

Notable scores for today were Richard with 198.7, Paul, William and John Mac on 197.7 Charlotte with 196.7, Snowdy on 196.5 and Clinton 196.4. Matt had a very good X count with a 195.12

Charlotte is currently in 8th place on the aggregate of the matches shot so far. 

Tomorrow is the Palma course of fire 15 shots at 800, 900 & 1000, and that also includes marking targets for one and all.

We have an early start and are expecting to be at the range for 6:30am for saquading and target assignment, so an early night for all.

Matt, Allan, William, Chris and Brad

Doc Aiken Trophy unlimitted sighters

Doc Aiken Trophy unlimitted sighters

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