Safety Notice

Safety Notice 

This notice applies to Barnard, Millennium and RPA actions.

On the bolt from your action, check if you can push the firing pin trigger catch off the detent which retains it in the cocked position. 

The simple way is to hold the bolt in your hand and try to push the trigger catch from the detent with your thumb. 

If you can readily push it off the detent, the hollow in which it sits needs to be made a little deeper. 

It is a quick and easy job for a competent gunsmith. 

There have been two instances on NZ ranges in the last few years where a live round has been set off when it is being extracted from the chamber by the trigger catch being bumped off the detent. 

Please check your bolt, especially if it is well used and a bit on the older side. 

I have personally found two bolts that needed some remedial work. 

A good way to help prevent this wear is to apply a little grease to the cocking cam face on the bolt when you grease the locking lugs. 

Malcolm Dodson

NRANZ President


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