Secure Storage Guidance for Firearms and Ammuniton document

Kia ora, 

On 1 February 2022, new regulations for firearms and ammunition storage and transport came into effect, which affect all standard firearms licence holders. 

We’ve updated the Secure Storage Guidance for Firearms and Ammunition document dated June 2022, with better photos so it’s easier for our staff and the community to understand the new requirements and see how to comply.  


To support the guidance document and the firearms community we’ve also developed and released a series of video guides that cover:

  • Installation kit – basic tools etc required to install a cable lock system or a steel safe
  • Overview of general property security – things to consider to increase overall security at home
  • Basic cable lock system – describes what it is and how to install it. Used for securing a single firearm only to a dwelling
  • Steel safe – considerations and physical installation of a steel gunsafe
  • Secure ammunition storage – complying with new law that states firearms and ammunition are to be stored separately
  • Firearms in Motorhomes – considerations for security of firearms in motorhomes/caravans and physical installation of a gunsafe into a motorhome
  • Semi-automatic firearms transport – considerations when transporting semi-automatic (or other types that do not have easily removable working parts) firearms
  • Bolt action firearms transport – considerations when transporting bolt action firearms
  • Firearms in unattended vehicles – complying with new laws in relation to stopping for a break in a journey when transporting firearms.

The guidance and videos are available under the Firearms and Safety section of the Police website

I ask that you please share this information with your networks. The videos will be of particular interest to those who transport firearms for hunting or recreational purposes. 

Kind regards,


Mike McIlraith

Director Partnerships
Arms Safety and Control
Police National Headquarters 




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