Trophies Needed for our National Championship

The NRANZ Council has identified gaps in our trophy list for the National Championship. The introduction and subsequent growth of F Open and FTR classes has not been matched with donated trophies to reward the top performances in these categories in particular.

If anyone wishes to donate a suitable trophy, which they could name, it would be gratefully received.

We also know that there are a number of very nice trophies that are now not used and are gathering dust. Many of these are from clubs and associations that are no longer in existence. If you, your club or association have a trophy which could be re-allocated to one of the National events that would see some of our better trophies given a new lease of life and getting used again, that would be great.

For cups that could be re-allocated, a new base would be made and a silver plate attached to be used for engraving purposes, rather than having the cup itself engraved. The plate would also acknowledge the donation.  Shields will also be considered.

Trophies are needed for the following matches:

  • Masefield Short Range Aggregate, B grade, C grade, F Open and FTR.
  • Masefield Long Range Aggregate, B grade, C grade, F Open and FTR.
  • Masefield Aggregate, F Open and FTR.
  • Ballinger Belt Series Short Range Aggregate, F Open and FTR.
  • Ballinger Belt Series Long Range Aggregate, F Open and FTR.

At the up coming National Championship there will for the first time be a Trans-Tasman F Open and FTR Teams Match. There will also need to be trophies for these matches as well as respective top scorers.

If you have a suitable trophy could you get a photo of it along with a brief description and history to the NRA secretary. Please do not send in any trophies until we have had a chance to consider what we are offered.

M. Dodson
Deputy President

We thank our sponsors

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