RIP - Barry Price

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Barry Price on 3 September 2021 at Hastings Memorial Hospital after a short illness. 

Barry took up the sport of Fullbore rifle shooting in the late 1960's in Hawkes Bay and very soon he began to show his prowess with the rifle, winning the Hawkes Bay Championship as a C Grader. He, wife Liz and family moved to Silverstream around 1971 when Barry took up a position as auctioneer for Turners and Growers Markets in Wellington and he transferred to the Upper Hutt Rifle Club. 

In 1973, Barry stunned everyone with his performance at the National Championships. Not only did he win the Ballinger Belt / New Zealand Championship, becoming our Club's first such winner, but it was the nature of his win that left everyone in awe. He set a new record for the Ballinger Belt Series of 495 / 500, a score that was unheard of in those early days of factory ammunition and Omark / Parker Hale rifles. He won every individual aggregate there was to win that year except the Ross Carbine Belt for the Masefield Aggregate that was won by clubmate Bob Whiteman. 

National representation followed a short time after.  Barry was selected in the New Zealand Rifle Team that shot successfully against the visiting Great Britain Rifle Team in 1974 at Trentham. Barry was an automatic selection in home and touring national teams throughout the 1970's and 1980's, firstly as a shooter and more latterly as a coach. He was arguably New Zealand's top wind coach at that time and therefore it came as a shock to many when, in 1988, Barry decided to leave shooting and pursue his passions in other areas.  

Barry had a larger than life personality and some of his quotes and sayings are still legendary to this day. It would not be appropriate to repeat most of them here, but I will mention one. When getting ready on the mound, preparing to coach a team in a big team's match, he could often be heard to say, "queue up behind me for bulleyes!" He was a fun person to be around and those of us who knew him well enjoyed his company immensely. I was fortunate enough to room with Barry on NZ Team trips to Australia in 1975, 1979, and 1986 and could not have wished for a better room mate. He was a wonderful member of the Upper Hutt Rifle Club and we were indeed sorry to see Barry transfer to the Cheltenham Rifle Club when he accepted a position with Watties in the Manawatu. 

When Barry left shooting, he took up lawn bowls, model airplane flying and, more recently, he was engaged in vintage car and motor bike activities. Also, he was a very skilled wood worker, making adze furniture, his own rifle stocks, and other wooden household items. 

We extend our sincere condolences to Liz, Kirsty, Jason and their families. A celebration of Barry's life will follow at a later date, details to be advised. 

John Whiteman, 

Trentham Rifle Club / Upper Hutt Rifle Club.





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