RIP - Peter Keyzers

Peter Keyzers, a Life Member of Onslow/Trentham Rifle Club, died last night (24 March 2020).

Peter was always honest, a man with integrity and a strong work ethic. He led the Onslow Rifle Club for many years.  He was the Treasurer of NRANZ for  more than 10 years.   He continued in these admin roles long after he stopped active shooting.   He loved the sport and the people in the sport and worked hard to support it.

In his time as Treasurer of NRANZ, he set up a computer system and a double entry computer accounting package, as well as looking after all aspects of the finances with great care. 

He also collated the old NRANZ archives into 143 archive boxes containing 1065 files with Bill Beck. Peter organised a computer data base to document the archives.  This took two years.

Put together a 60 page booklet for new shooters, that was organised as a development programme.

During this period of his life, he was already experiencing ill health.

He was a tireless worker,supporting the sport of fullbore shooting.

Kevin Win
President Trentham Rifle Club  

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