National Rifle Association of New Zealand

2012 - Aggregate Results

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A4 - 300 Yards Aggregate
Sponsored by Peter O'Flaherty, BML Contracting

A5 - Long Range Aggregate
Sponsored by Tait Radio Communications

A6 - Veterans Short Range Aggregate

A7 - Don Whiteman Short Range Aggregate
Sponsored by dcpower Ltd

A8 - White Horse Aggregate

A9 - Upper Hutt City Council Aggregate
Sponsored by Mayor Wayne Guppy

A10 - Totara Lodge Aggregate

A13 - Kenning Aggregate
(Kenning 2013 holding scores)

A14 - Colonel Collins Grand Aggregate

A15 - R.H. Nicholl Aggregate
(Nicholl 2013 holding scores)

Match 11 - STAEDTLER 600
Sponsored by STAEDTLER

Match 16 - The Final