Report 3 from Brisbane

You can see the NRAA President's Match results here.

An early start to shooting, but that was no problem for any of us, our bodies still on NZ clocks and we were at the range raring to go way before the 8am start time.  The day started warm and just got warmer and warmer.  Just think of all the touristy things I could be doing on this 'holiday'!!

600 yards first, an easy breeze and lots of possibles among Team NZ. 800 a bit trickier as the wind picked up and a few got caught in the change, still good scores though. Our Armourers were kept busy this morning with issues on Jason and John Miller's rifles.  After lunch the wind really picked up - the 900 and 1000 scores reflect the challenges for the shooters.

All the scores will be on the NRAA site.  The trophy was presented to Johan Du Toit from Sth Africa  (score of 299.41) at this evening's presentation.  The best Kiwi was John Snowden with 295.33 (18th), closely followed by Ross Geange with 295.25 (25th).

But the best news in our camp is Ewen Liddell's win in the B Grade, and in C Grade Andrew Whooley took the first prize with Charlotte Flanagan second.  Andrew also picked up C Grade gold medals for 300, 600 and 1000 yards and the silver for Day 1 agg.  Charlotte won gold medals for 500, 800 and 900 yards and Day 1 Agg Gold and C Grade Silver. Great shooting from the U25 team! Brian Hawskby pcked up a bronze medal for Day 1.

Tomorrow we have a practice day, Tuesday's the Australia Match and NRAA Queens starts Wednesday.

An important mention in today's report is the Team's acknowledgement and appreciation of the support from Trueflite, without these great barrels the team could not achieve their best performance.  A special acknowledgement banner will be created and displayed behind the NZ Team for the Palma match. 


Coby Snowden

We thank our sponsors

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