WILR Day 3 18th Oct

Report from Brisbane, Tuesday 18 Oct. 11

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..and we all thought it would be an "easy" day today, only 2 ranges (800 and 900yards) and good weather forecast.  Only two ranges did mean more time for lunch and finishing early but the wind throughout the day meant challenging shooting.

Personally, I had a great day, and I was thrilled with my 70.6 at 900 - bugger though, for my last shot I only needed a bulls-eye to beat my darling husband and I put the shot straight up from the bulls-eye for a 4.  John's worst nightmare is to be beaten by me so he was biting his fingernails through my last 5 shots, haha.  As the main NRAA website says, anyone who finished with a 70 or more would've been very happy and thus I am currently sipping champagne.

Other successes today are possibles at 800 for Karl and Rickard.  And we received confirmation that Sam Teeling has won the Stage two after his brilliant shooting yesterday.

After shooting we had a constructive team debrief at the Container (where our rifles are stored at the range) where we talk about challenges like heat, lighting, heat, pulse, heat, rifle testing and heat.  We are now armed with lots of ideas on how to keep cool, the best is probably from Rickard who suggested to just keep telling yourself : "I am Cool!!". 

Tomorrow a longish day, shooting 800 yards then 1000 yards without a break in between.  Then we will fit in a team meeting before the final at 4:15, then it'll be a long prizegiving.

I am sooo looking forward to Thursday, Palma practice day and I am not needed on the range so I will check out some local shopping centres. 

Today's anagram is an easy one, have had too much bubbly now to think of another one: 

Drank Ale, a!

I am Cool Coby Snowden


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