NZ Palma Team Report 13

Tuesday 11th

Today was the final day of the World Long Range individual match. We are thrilled for Alan, achieving 5th place after the final. Captain Bevan got a silver medal for his 75.7 at 1000 and Casey bronze for a 75.5. The prize giving tonight saw a few kiwis picking up bling for achievements for the last few days.  Brad, Charlotte and Will's picking up badges for the Under 25s. Brad also getting a silver for his 800 yard agg. Matt and Grace badges for the Under 25s. The captain also got a medal for his 900 yard match yesterday and Snowdie got one for his possible at 1000 and 14 th place badge.

We are getting worried that the trip will be over soon and that it may still be cold back home. So some folk are checking to see if there are any other shoots close by to delay the change in temperature!!

Mac, our master coach, was given a tip the other day by some locals to shoot  low cause the Indians are riding Shetland ponies!!!

Bye ya all.

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