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March 2020

 What is left of our season has come to a very abrupt end with the country going into lock-down.  Please look after yourselves and especially the older members of your family.  If you are one of our more senior members, please take special care of yourself, you haven't lived to the age you have without being smart, but this virus is after you. 

The Secretary will be able to work from home for correspondence but things like components are hardly going to be considered as essential services, even for the most dedicated of shooters. 

There are a number of nomination deadlines that will fall in the period that would have run until the end of the season. 

The first is nominations for the Palma Team Captain to the World Long Range Championships in South Africa in 2023 which has a closing date of the end of March. 

The end of April is the closing date for nominations for the New Zealand F Class Team members for the F Class World Championships to be held in South Africa in April 2021. 

The end of April is also the closing date for nominations for the New Zealand Target Rifle Team to compete in the Australia Match at Bisley in July 2021. 

Details about the nominations are on the NRANZ website. 

All of the nominations are to the NRANZ Secretary and may be cc'd to the convenor of selectors at 

With the turmoil going on with Covid-19 and business shutdowns, it would be understandable if you are unsure of your future financial position with regards nominating for overseas teams.  For planning purposes, it would be good to know that there are sufficient numbers with the intention to travel at this point in time.  If you want to nominate but are unsure about the implications from the business lockdown at this early stage, please add a note to the nomination.  There will be no financial commitment with the teams until at least the start of the new season when most of the effects should be known.  If we don't get enough nominations, then the planning stages will not need to be done, thereby saving us a lot of unnecessary work.  You may communicate directly with the convenor of selectors on a confidential basis if you wish. 

The winter Council meeting which was scheduled for mid-May has now been postponed until a later date. 

If clubs have any remits that they want to put forward to the Council meeting, these will need to be to the secretary by the end of April to allow time for them to be disseminated to members for feedback before they are voted on at the Council meeting. 

All we can do now is stay safe and healthy, and we will see you on the range next season. 

Malcolm Dodson

NRANZ President

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